The Nappy Tour 2017

nappy poster copy.jpg


We had a great time performing at the Kirra (Nile) River for Kelele, a monthly showcase for artists from all over Africa.

The Village Concert in Jinja was amazing! The community came out BIG! There was a cypher, a rap battle, a BBoy contest and a DJ spinning. Truly magical.

The Kafeero Foundation and the Bavubuka Foundation were so gracious to host us for the official release of the Nappy video. We screened the video and had a dialogue about self love and the importance of decolonization of the mind.

We had a little bit of time for some R&R too! Took a couple of boat rides on the Kirra (Nile) River, even went to the source and stood in the water, ate some good food and went to an art exhibit in a shipping container!


We did a radio & television tour in Ghana this year to spread the message of self love as a revolutionary act. I also did a few live performances. More photos from this Ghana trip coming soon!

Trinidad & Tobago

We had some great performances and got to experience Emancipation day with THOUSANDS of people dancing and singing in the street. We also did some service at juvenile justice centers and libraries as well as an interview on live TV. More photos and videos coming soon!